Halloween styling offshore
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Halloween Styling Offshore

It’s that time of year again where we are faced with the age old dilemma of who or what to dress up as for Halloween.

For many people, the act of wearing a scary costume has been shunned in favour of donning a superhero outfit or dressing as something culturally relevant or clever. Halloween has become less about dressing ghoulishly and more about dressing up as our heroes and pop culture personalities. With so many options to choose from, we wanted to set the case for one heroic dress up option which many people might not have considered: The offshore oil and gas worker.

Take for example, an offshore oil worker versus Batman. At first glance, a multibillionaire with a Batmobile might seem like an obvious choice for a heroic Halloween styling, but how well is Bruce Wayne’s alter ego kitted out for a trip working offshore in the North Sea?

Bruce Wayne’s climbing expertise and strength training would come in handy were the caped crusader to pursue a career as a derrickman. This role involves working at heights usually of 20-25 metres off the rig floor and require good physical fitness and manual dexterity, which batman has in abundance. However, the cape crusader’s Kevlar laden Batsuit has sharp forearm blades built into it for attack and defence purposes. These weapons could pose a serious health and safety risk to other derrickmen and women and may damage someone’s harness.

Perhaps it would better suit Batman to work as a driller on a rig and lead a team. With experience running Wayne Enterprises, one would assume he has strong skills in leadership and decision making. However, as offshore workers are not permitted to take pets offshore, Batman and his ultrasonic bat attractor could be a serious liability to day-to-day production. A swarm of bats could obstruct the view of other offshore workers and put safety at risk, as well as production. For that reason, it would be irresponsible to allow Batman to work on the rig floor.

Even transporting Batman to an offshore installation poses issues: the Batsuit is noncompliant with the clothing policy for offshore helicopter flight. Recent changes brought in with the winter months clearly stipulated that hoodies and dresses are not allowed to be worn under a survival suit. Unfortunately Batman’s cape seems an odd combination of both these clothing items, meaning it would be unlikely he would even be allowed on an installation bound helicopter.

Perhaps the hero Gotham deserves, is not the one the offshore industry needs right now.