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How Collaboration Has Produced Some of The Best Ideas

THIS week saw the heads of two of the industry’s most influential bodies give their thoughts on why urgent, positive and collaborative action by all stakeholders -including Government – is needed over the coming months and years to get the oil and gas industry back on its feet.

Monday also saw Andy Samuel officially begin his new role as chief executive of the Oil and Gas Authority, set up as part of the Wood Review into maximising the UK’s offshore oil and gas resources.

We talk about collaboration a lot in our business, not as a theory but as an applied approach to how we work as a company. Working closely with partners is about more than just sharing ideas, it’s about making sure everyone’s voice is heard so we can all stay on track and achieve success together.

Last year we were proud to introduce our ​exciting new Modular Pipelay System (MPS). We developed MPS through a highly successful working partnership with NOV, whose Zap-lok pipeline connection technology makes this innovational pipeline installation solution possible. As we continue to work together on further development of our technology and make quick progress, we prove that close collaborations yield strong results.

The North Sea oil and gas sector is facing difficulties at the moment, and some of us could be forgiven for focusing on how these circumstances affect us as individuals, above others.

Industry leaders are urging the government to act quickly, make a change in taxation, set up the new regulator, and recognize their responsibility to support our sector. These concerns are real and the need for the industry and government to work together is strongly felt by all.

We must remember though, the recommendation for closer collaboration between the oil and gas sector and government came long before any oil price drop- it came about at the start of 2014 in the final Wood Review publication and was welcomed by all sides involved.

It is fair to say that falling oil prices may have created a sense of urgency to establish clearer lines of communication and stronger ties between the oil and gas industry and government, but the principles of collaboration should be the same as when businesses work together.

Informed decisions lead to the best course of action, so we must collate our knowledge as an industry and communicate it clearly. Some of the proudest moments in the North Sea oil and gas sector have been a result of businesses working together for a stronger outcome. With leading figures appealing to the government for urgent action, we need to encourage and maintain a collaborative approach for lasting success.