Written by jgreen

The Best Ideas can be Found in Unusual Places

The energy sector has made great strides in recovering reserves from the deepest depths of the ocean with advanced techniques and technologies.

The demand for more complex solutions to overcome challenges increases daily, as does the desire to develop them.

Investment in research and development (R&D) is key in driving the sector forward but it’s also important that existing technology from both inside and outside the industry is optimised.

At Cortez Subsea we pride ourselves in creative collaboration to provide the best possible service and utilise state-of-the-art technologies for quicker, safer and cleaner solutions.

For example, our platform-based inspection services are performed with mini Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) systems and our pipeline inspection services utilise work-class and mini-ROVs.  Both are enhanced by the MCS 3D Photo Realistic Cloud (3D PRC), cutting-edge software that takes inspection to a whole new level.  It scans structures and pipeline sections underwater in order to create a 3D Cloud with billions of points, presenting an as-built, 3D visualisation of any scanned object.  Stereo cameras linked to the 3D photo-realistic cloud produce detailed imagery, just like the human eye, but without human error.

Data is easily accessed and shared which allows for faster reporting.  A final report can be produced within seven days from demobilisation, a fraction of a conventional inspection reporting timeframe.  Real-time viewing is also possible for immediate comments, requests or investigations.

It’s the same technology premise found in the world of gaming, where they use the technology to replicate ultra-realistic movements for immersive experiences.  The cameras allow developers to reflect details such as facial movements and emotions.   Gone are the nostalgic Pac-Man and 2D Sonic The Hedgehog characters but here and now is the ability to transport to highly realistic alternative worlds.

Synergies between the oil and gas industry and others make it sensible to transfer technology proven elsewhere and there are many good examples of effective transfer.

High-tech solutions are needed and they can often be found in unusual places…