Time to update oil and gas
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Time is Marching on

It may be hard to believe, but this weekend in the UK the clocks go forward one hour to mark the start of British Summer. Where did the time go?

Some people disagree with the tradition of the clocks falling back in October and springing forward in March with lobbyists calling for a permanent daylight savings time to keep us in line with Central European Time.

The issue is a contentious one, not least because of how it would affect daylight for many people in Scotland where the winter sun wouldn’t rise until 10am in some places, but also because of the impact it could have on how we work through the day.

In business, time can represent many different things. For some, time is money, a commodity to be traded. For others, time is something there is never enough of. No matter your mindset, when you glance at a clock one thing is for certain; time is not something to be wasted.

Time management can make a major difference to how individuals and teams operate within a business. It isn’t difficult to pick up new tips on how to make better use of your day, especially when helpful advice is just a Google search away.

Our approach to providing solutions in the oil and gas industry is to challenge the conventional and embrace a new approach to a task. When it comes to making a difference to how we manage time as well as heeding traditional advice, such as maintaining a work calendar, we should think laterally and find solutions that better suit ourselves.

Below are our time saving, organisational tips. What are yours?

1. Schedule time to make time: Approach the few minutes you need to organise your day or week as if it were a highly important business meeting and don’t allow interruptions.

2. Prioritise: It’s all too easy to get drawn into a dozen different tasks. Spreading yourself too thin is likely to mean you achieve less so select the most important task and focus on it until complete before moving on,

3. Be organised: How much time do you waste searching for data or that important email you know you saw but now can’t find? Don’t underestimate the benefit of a simple, structured system that allows you to find what you need at the click of a button.