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Cortez Subsea Prepares to Lay Mechanically Connected Pipeline Offshore Malaysia

The team at Cortez is mobilising the Grand Canyon II offshore vessel for its project to lay the first ever subsea pipeline using mechanical connectors offshore Malaysia.

The Global 1201 vessel will also be mobilised to install the pipeline system for the Tembikai Non-Associated Gas (TNAG) Development by Vestigo Petroleum.

The work is being jointly executed with Alam Maritim Resources Berhad, under its consortium agreement with Cortez, which is delivering engineering, procurement and operational activities from its office in Kuala Lumpur.

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Oil and Gas Alliance Launch Transformative Technology

Cortez Subsea and AFGlobal have strengthened their strategic partnership to bring new technology to the market which will reduce cost and risk to pipelay.

The Stinger Deployed Diverless Connector (SDDC) has been developed to conduct pipeline tie-ins using a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and, when coupled with other installation techniques, can offer cost savings of up to 30 per cent.

The technology will be deployed offshore Malaysia where Cortez Subsea won a contract with Vestigo Petroleum for pipeline installation in the Berantai field.

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The Best Ideas can be Found in Unusual Places

The energy sector has made great strides in recovering reserves from the deepest depths of the ocean with advanced techniques and technologies.

The demand for more complex solutions to overcome challenges increases daily, as does the desire to develop them.

Investment in research and development (R&D) is key in driving the sector forward but it’s also important that existing technology from both inside and outside the industry is optimised.

At Cortez Subsea we pride ourselves in creative collaboration to provide the best possible service and utilise state-of-the-art technologies for quicker, safer and cleaner solutions.

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Zap-Lok™ and MPS® presented as key technology at Oil & Gas Asia 2019

Our Director and General Manager in Asia, Murray Ross, presented the benefits of our technology at the Oil & Gas Asia Conference in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia.

Murray was invited by Subsea UK to contribute to its session which addressed issues and shared the latest developments in the energy industry.

Cortez has been working with NOV-Tuboscope for many years to deliver Zap-Lok™ mechanical connectors to the Malaysian and worldwide offshore market for pipelay which is faster, stronger and cheaper.

The Zap-Lok™ technology is proven with more than 7000km of subsea hydrocarbon pipelines installed worldwide and zero recorded failures in operation of over 70,000 joints.

A challenging environment can render traditional techniques inefficient, uneconomic or impossible, and Murray explained how this solution can offer a weld-free alternative to improve safety, dramatically cut costs and reduce our carbon footprint.

The event included other speakers from Wood and Enpro Subsea and delegates heard about many ingenious technologies transforming our industry daily.

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Team Boost for Cortez Subsea

Cortez has more than doubled its team across Aberdeen and Kuala Lumpur (KL) after being awarded a contract to lay the first ever subsea pipeline using mechanical connectors offshore Malaysia.

The work will be jointly executed with Alam Maritim Resources Berhad under our consortium agreement and Cortez will deliver the engineering, procurement and operational activities from our office in KL.

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women in oil & gas
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Women in oil and gas

Some major progress has been made over the past few weeks to establish the oil and gas sector as the industry of choice for women. On Monday it was announced that the government’s new Secretary of State for Energy is Amber Rudd, who has been at the Department for Energy and Climate Change since June 2014. Ms Rudd’s appointment comes less than two weeks after Deirdre Michie started as the new chief executive of Oil & Gas UK.

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Global business
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Business Conventions Around the Globe

SINCE the first hydrocarbons were discovered in the North Sea back in the late 1960s, the UK has been exporting its skills and expertise to oil rich countries and developing regions around the world.

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Safety in oil and gas
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Shared practice for safer practice

A lot of focus has been put on the role of technology in the oil and gas industry recently, and how it is improving drilling, exploration, and even decommissioning in the North Sea and beyond. Something we perhaps fail to mention as frequently these days is the role of safety as a major influential factor in future design and innovation in the sector especially as health and safety is the main priority for businesses both on and offshore.

Tuesday (April 28th) marks International Workers’ Memorial Day, an observance which serves to remember and take action for workers who have who have died, been injured, or made unwell by their work. The day was originally established in Canada in 1984 and is now recognised by worker’ groups across the world, including the oil and gas industry. For our sector, safety has evolved from being an issue to take into consideration, to becoming the pre-requisite for everything we do, but that doesn’t mean the industry has become complacent .

The fall in oil price is affecting businesses, with many companies taking strong measures to mitigate losses and reassess spending habits. As well as the current oil price challenge, exploration costs are higher and many hydrocarbon reserves are proving difficult to explore.

As a result, collaborations across the sector are resulting in innovative technologies and methods to get the most out of UKCS.fields, but these partnerships are doing more than producing better products and services; they are also creating important opportunities for businesses to share best safety practice.

International Workers’ Memorial Day is just one day that stands out in the calendar, albeit an important one. After all, the safety of our employees and colleagues should be on our minds every day, no matter what challenges we face or solutions we deliver as an industry.

Tax cut oil & gas uk
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Budget Announces Tax Cut for Oil & Gas

No secret has been made of the damage that a fast falling oil price has inflicted on our industry over the past few months. In the Budget announcement today, the Chancellor himself said the falling oil price poses a “pressing danger” to the North Sea oil and gas industry and that “bold and immediate” action was needed to support the sector.

The measures set out by George Osborne certainly meet what the industry has been hoping for but it might not be met with the gratitude the Government is expecting to hear. Bold and immediate action should have happened before mid-March.

The fact of the matter is, the tax relief announced this afternoon for the North Sea oil and gas industry was not just wanted, it was desperately needed. Earlier this week Sir Ian Wood estimated 80,000 jobs could be lost in 2016/17 if confidence in the industry is not recovered in 2015. What for many people across the UK today is little more than a news headline is for others a huge worry that has been at the forefront of the North Sea workforce’s mind for many months.

The good news for our industry is that we are being listened to by our government at the very highest level. Senior representatives from Oil & Gas UK called for a double digit reduction in the supplementary corporation tax charge and we have got it with a cut from 30% down to 20%. What’s even better is the reduction in that charge will be back dated to January, easing tensions that have quickly built up this year.

Today’s Budget announcement is definitely good news for the North Sea oil and gas industry. The news is that the Government have listened to the information the sector has presented them with and has responded appropriately with the support our industry needs. However, come tomorrow there will be different news and other headlines. How our industry goes forward with these new measures is more important than ever.

Cuts in the supplementary charge do not mean we can be flush with finances. During the challenging times of the past few months we have seen our industry realise how important working together is for the common goals which are bigger than our individual targets. The Government is working with us, because we as an industry are working together. Now more than ever we must strive to collaborate and invest time into our business partnerships.