Written by jgreen

Message from our MD

I hope that you and those close to you are keeping safe and well during this difficult time.  We are all facing these challenges together, both as a nation and as an industry.

The global pandemic of Covid-19, and another drop in oil price, means our sector is set to be tested.

Since Cortez Subsea was founded in 2011, we knew that working together would be the key to our successes. We are continuing to work with our partners and customers globally, while monitoring government guidance very closely and updating our policies so we can provide this support safely.

Cortez Subsea forms part of a group of highly technical entities in the subsea energy sector including MCS and DeepTech.  Our group is committed to the development of technology products and their application.  We will maintain our passion for new and enabling technologies and for optimising current technology from within and outside of the sector.

This is how we adapt and mould to the requirements our customers and the energy sector throws at us.  Conditions will continue to test us.  While we can pre-empt some things, the current global situation took the world by surprise and we cannot determine peaks and flows in production.  But, being ready and well equipped with technology that is slick and proven makes good business sense.

That’s why throughout this time we will remain flexible and progress new technology in response to the needs of the industry.  This will ensure the subsea sector maintains its stellar standing in the global economy.