Our designed and patented MPS®, combined with mechanically connected pipe, allows for quicker, safer and cleaner pipeline installation worldwide. Dictate your own schedule with this flexible solution.

The system comprises all the necessary equipment to perform pipelay on standard pipe sizes of 2” to 16” in an S-lay configuration and allows mechanically connected pipe to be laid from a standard DP 2 vessel.

It’s modular and so adjustable in width and length to accommodate available deck space and can be adapted from rigid pipelay to flexible pipelay with the addition of a powered reel drive or carousel.  We can also provide a dedicated installation spread specific to the product requirements.

Pipeline can be installed using a standard DP vessel and a 5km per 24h lay-rate means cost savings of up to 40%.

The system is fully customisable to meet your pipelay and operation requirements as well as the working environment.

It is pre-assembled and uses smart-deck fastening to allow for ease of transportation and minimal mobilisation time. This coupled with reduced vessel time offshore means it’s better for the environment.


Cortez Subsea leads the charge in the most cost-effective pipelay methods and technologies in the world.


Fast mobilisation and pipelay reduces cost.


Bespoke to your needs.


Increased efficiency and reduced vessel time.


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