Cortez Subsea specialise in rigid pipelay with mechanical interference connectors to offer an efficient and economical alternative to welding.

We work with NOV-Tuboscope to deliver Zap-Lok™ mechanical connectors to the global offshore market for subsea pipelay which is quicker, safer and cleaner.

For shallow water applications, mechanical connectors are formed on carbon steel pipes and are pushed together to make joints stronger than the steel itself.

The mechanical joints are coupled with our Cortez Subsea designed and patented Modular Pipelay System (MPS®) to offer a weld-free, semi-autonomous process.

Zap-Lok™ and MPS® are specifically designed to satisfy the fast-paced, cost-conscious requirements of today’s pipeline construction projects.  With a successful history of more than 30-years in oil and gas regions, it offers an attractive alternative to conventional pipelay.

Cortez Subsea also has experience in performing welded connections of subsea pipelines.  We can apply standard welding practice of carbon steel line pipe material on various pipe size ranges.

Zap-Lok™ mechanical connectors, coupled with the MPS®, can lay up to 5km of pipeline per day in comparison to conventional pipelay which achieves an average of 1.5km a day.  This means less boat time and less crew and a cost saving of up to 30 per cent.

The Zap-Lok™ technology is proven with more than 7000km of subsea hydrocarbon pipelines installed worldwide and zero recorded failures in operation of over 70,000 joints, that’s further than from London to New York or Singapore to Sydney.

The process offers an alternative to welding and takes advantage of semi-automation to result in a safer work environment, free from hot-work and radiography.

Lloyds Register approved for subsea application, the method reduces reliance on vessels and requires 50 per cent less manpower so we reduce our carbon footprint.


Cortez Subsea leads the charge in the most cost-effective pipelay methods and technologies in the world.


Faster installation.


Free from hot-work.


Reduction of equipment and personnel.


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