Our platform-based inspection services are performed with mini Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) systems.  Operations are conducted from the platform facility and remove the need for a dynamically positioned vessel.

Our mini-ROVs are enhanced by the MCS 3D Photo Realistic Cloud (3D PRC), cutting-edge software that takes inspection to a whole new level.  It scans structures and pipeline sections underwater in order to create a 3D Cloud with billions of points, presenting an as-built, 3D visualisation of any scanned object.

This is coupled with the MCS Platform Commander software, which automatically logs the streams of digital data from the ROV, and can then be easily accessed and shared.

Activities include a range of general visual inspection, cathodic protection measurement, flooded member detection and dimensional survey.

Data is easily accessed and shared which allows for faster reporting.  A final draft report can be produced within seven days from demobilisation and a final report in 14 days, a fraction of a conventional inspection reporting timeframe.  Real-time viewing is also possible for immediate comments, requests or investigations.

Stereo cameras linked to the 3D photo-realistic cloud produce detailed imagery, just like the human eye, but without human error.

Our techniques are diver-less, offering the accuracy of the human eye but without the human risk.  Efficient and accurate inspection campaigns promote an environment we are both safe, and proud, to work in.

Our inspection operations are performed with minimal equipment from either a platform or a small, low-cost vessel.  Data processing is completed onshore which means less manpower in the field which is not only cost-effective but it’s greener and reduces our carbon footprint.


Cortez Subsea works to improve conventional pipeline and platform inspection daily, bringing it into the digital age, with state-of-the-art technology.


Fast and efficient reporting.


Accuracy of the human eye, without the human risk.


Minimal equipment and people.


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