NuForce Pipelay Services

Cortez Subsea leads the charge to offer the most cost-effective rigid, flexible and coiled pipelay methods in the world.  We aim to reduce the cost of subsea pipelay in mature and shallow water regions by applying proven and alternative technology and methods.

We use our Cortez Subsea designed and patented Modular Pipelay System (MPS®) to offer a weld-free, semi-autonomous pipelay process which is coupled with mechanical connectors to offer an efficient and economical alternative to welding which is quicker, stronger, safer and cleaner.

Mechanical interference connectors, such as the NOV-Tuboscope Zap-Lok™ connector, are formed on carbon steel pipes and combined with external and internal coating products to produce a holiday free subsea pipeline system.

We also provide a diverless solution for the pipeline tie-in using the AFGlobal Retlock® connector built into the Stinger Deployed Diverless Connector (SDDC) for tie-ins to flexible and rigid spools and risers, delivering our promise to reduce cost and risk.


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