Cutting-Edge Technology

We know embracing new technology is critical to preparing our industry for the future. Innovation is in our DNA, and with our capabilities in developing ‘industry 4.0’ products using automation, artificial intelligence, and digital twin technology, we deliver impactful projects that contribute to energy security and more sustainable industry practices. Work with us to transform your global projects and advance our industry.

Innovation is in our DNA


Our innovations are discovered through continual investment in research and development (R&D) in our dedicated Innovation House. We invest heavily in R&D, with 30 percent of our people being dedicated to the cause. Here, the team is committed to tackling global energy challenges with our own designed and patented technology. Our engineers and technicians across multiple disciplines are finding ways to make your projects quicker, safer, and cleaner daily. 

With experts across underwater robotics, electronics, control, hydrodynamics, software, and mechanical design, we create and deliver unique products and services that enhance your projects while giving us a competitive advantage and opportunity to grow. 

Remote Operations


Our Remote Operations Centre (ROC) provides remote survey, inspection, and piloting onshore. It is fully equipped with our state-of-the-art software and, through satellite and 4G communication systems, enables monitoring, data delivery, and real-time execution of tasks offshore. Our ROC allows us to operate our Remote Survey vessels and ROVs located at offshore vessels from our multiple control rooms in the UK, Egypt, and Malaysia. Using our ROC, our clients can ensure fast decision-making, mitigate risks and reduce costs. The ROC provides a multitude of valuable advantages, including: 

  • Advance the industry with remote technology and operations.
  • Reduce offshore manpower, with cost and carbon footprint.
  • Utilize our highly experienced personnel to manage your project from start to finish. 

Autonomous Inspection and Surveying


To meet the evolving needs of the industry, innovation and automation are essential.

Our Ocean Aurora RSV is a game-changer in subsea survey and inspection. This advanced Remote Survey Vessel eliminates the need for manned surface vessels, providing unparalleled cost reduction and schedule independence. Equipped with our proprietary technology MiniSpector® and ProSpector® ROVs, the RSV elevates efficiency and accuracy in every operation. With an onshore Remote Operations Centre (ROC), our skilled pilots steer the vessel in real-time. Ocean Aurora embodies the principles of Industry 4.0, propelling the subsea survey and inspection into a new era of efficiency and sustainability.
And stay tuned for the future addition of the AutoSpector autonomous inspection vehicle (AIV), taking automation to new heights.

Enhancing Efficiency through Digitalization - Digital Twins


In the ever-evolving subsea industry, we are a leading service provider in data management services, asset integrity, underwater inspection, data acquisition, and reporting services. With our cutting-edge approaches and our unwavering commitment to digitalization, MCS Group empowers our clients with improved efficiency, reduced project durations, and enhanced cost-effectiveness. Our digital solutions provide access to comprehensive, real-time data insights, enabling proactive decision-making and more targeted interventions.

Diver-less Tie-Ins solutions


Our Dexter AI Manipulator system uses robotic control and an enhanced virtual reality underwater maintenance system for pipeline tie-ins, without the need for a saturation diver. We can also install riser clamps using this technology. The system is deployed using two ROVs and a small DP vessel and reduces both cost and risk and increases efficiency.

  • Reduce the reliance on saturation divers and increase safety.
  • Save on equipment and personnel.
  • Advance the industry with artificial intelligence and automation.

Back-Up Power to a Subsea Production System


Our SubCell Subsea Battery System can provide back-up power to a subsea production system to reduce downtime caused by power outages. It consists of modular lithium industrial batteries, housed in a mechanical enclosure, for a safe and proven deep-water battery solution. The system is recharged from the surface and can power-up subsea components up to 30 days.

  • A reliable and cost-effective underwater power system.
  • Contributing to the electrification of the energy industry.
  • Can withstand extreme conditions.