Our Vision

Your Trusted Subsea Partner
The MCS Group’s vision is to become the leading underwater technical solutions company, revolutionizing global energy and marine sectors with our innovative proprietary technology.

Values that Drive Us

Foundations of Our Culture: Values Shaping Tomorrow
At MCS Group, our actions and decisions are deeply rooted in a set of unwavering core values. These values serve as our moral compass, guiding us on our journey toward excellence and progress.


Fostering growth through progressive thinking and innovative solutions.


With unwavering commitment, we push technology to its limit, ensuring trust in our unparalleled subsea innovations.


Achieving synergy by working harmoniously toward common goals.

Our Story

A Journey of Growth, Innovation & Excellence

At MCS Group, our story encapsulates a remarkable evolution – a journey that has taken us from a two-man business in a small office to a pioneering force in the global energy and marine sectors. 

Founded by Wael Bakr in 1999, our mission was clear from the start: to provide innovative technological solutions that would reshape the conventional norms of the industry.

Firmly believing that people are our most valuable asset, we’ve ensured that our offshore team’s expertise and competencies align with industry standards, investing in comprehensive training programs.

Over the years, our investment in our Research and Development (R&D) teams has been substantial. These investments have yielded exceptional results: state-of-the-art AI-based software and hardware solutions, underscoring our dedication to efficiency and innovation. 

Today, MCS Group's journey epitomizes continuous evolution. Our unyielding commitment to innovation has positioned us as a leading subsea solution provider, consistently converting challenges into solutions in our sector.

MCS Group Over the years

24YearsOF Experience

The Birth of MCS Group
Founded by Wael Bakr, MCS Group emerges with a mission to pioneer innovative technological solutions for the oil and gas industry.


The Digital Leap
Developed pipeline and structures inspection and condition monitoring software suites, marking the first step in digitizing underwater inspection and maintenance processes.


DeepTech Inception
MCS separated the ROV services and established DeepTech to focus on ROV operational support services, making strides in the Middle East energy and marine sectors.


Broadening Horizons
Deeptech's success prompts global expansion, leading to the Middle East's largest fleet of diverse ROVs.


New Products Released!
Released Photo Realistic 3D Cloud: Precise subsea measurement solution


Fully Embraced R&D
Amplified our investment in R&D, forming the Innovation Hardware Team, focused on turning ideas into impactful solutions.


New Products Released!
Released DIGITAL VIRTUOSO: Asset Integrity Data Management System


Joining Forces with Cortez Subsea
MCS welcomes Cortez Subsea to our group, redefining pipelay techniques for the global energy industry.


Powering the Deep
Released: SubCell Subsea Battery System: A subsea backup power supply for production systems.


Introducing Minispector®
Released MCS Minispector® for Platform and Structure Inspection, and subsea metrology.

MCS Group stands as a beacon of innovation and expertise, with offices in 5 countries, 400+ employees, and delivering projects for more than 25 countries.